We are a new NGO with a strong focus on sustainable development of the African continent through advocacy and effective partnerships with government agencies and non-governmental organizations and development partners.


(MSA) is a volunteer based youth led organization formed to foster the sustainable development of the continent. The organization was formerly known as the Non Allied Group. Our principal focus areas were electoral education & peace building and advancement of democracy through popular participation and mediation. Earlier 2014 we broadened our scope of focus and shifted from an entirely advocacy based group to include services. Following this, our name was changed to reflect our focus on sustainable development.


An Africa where development is sustained and infrastructure preserved”. We hope to contribute to this by offering sustainable solutions to development challenges, foster maintenance of infrastructure and to promote the sustainable development goals.


We believe that if we can maintain the few infrastructure base and sustain our environment, we would be keeping a strong and healthy foundation for sustained development. This will help us to directly and indirectly help address other pertinent issues such as impacts of climate change, poverty, illiteracy, urbanization among others.

EduPAY-Flexible Education Payment Model for the Rural Poor

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‘Piloting a Sustainable Education Financing Scheme (EDUPAY) for the Poor in Rural Low Cost Private Schools (RLCPSs) In the PresteaHuni Valley District (PHD) of Ghana’

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International Recognition

Our flagship international award winning model, EduPay has been selected to participate in the 2017-18
Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI®) Online program conducted by the US based Miller Center for social
Entrepreneurship and the Santa Clara University (SCU) . The mission of GSBI is “to Accelerate
entrepreneurship to end global poverty and protect the planet” Edupay was selected as one of the 21
finalists from over 350 applicants and 31 semifinalists to receive 6 months of program support,
mentorship, and access to a broad network of social entrepreneurs and impact investors. During the
program GSBI is expected to take Edupay through five schematic areas to prepare the model for scaling.
This will include fine tuning the Business Model, Impact Model, Growth path and Financial Model.
Funding Plan and Marketing materials shall be developed fully for sustainable growth of the Edupay
program. We at MSA  are proud that Edupay is part of the 13th cohort of the GSBI online accelerator
program. We are excited to be part of the program and very much thankful to Miller Center. We believe
and hope being part of the program shall endow Edupay with resources in order to reach out and assist
at least 50000 pupils and Parents. Kindly read more about GSBI and cohort members here;

20000 customers
2500 testimonials
50 projects in progress

Most current projects

Piloting a Sustainable Education Financing Scheme (EDUPAY) for the Poor in Rural Low Cost Private Schools (RLCPSs) In the PresteaHuni Valley District (PHD) of Ghana’: This is an economic sustainability model which is currently ongoing with five schools. Relatively poor Parents and guardians who paid fees via our sustainable payment model, (EDUPAY) actually confirmed that quality education within the Low cost private school framework can be made more affordableand less burdensome once the model continues.

Prestea Waste Management Project

The project which is the sanitation improvement part of the project, state of the art sanitation equipment have been procured to enhance the disposal of waste from the waste collection points to the landfill. This is done in collaboration with the Prestea Coalition of NGO's.

Organizing Free Pre-SHS Classes

This is a free tuition for Junior High School graduates to prepare them for the challenges of the Senior High School. The teaching programme was intertwined with peer counseling by some reputable community personnel.

Peace Campaign and Political Forum

The first ever peace and political forum in the history of the Presteahuni valley constituency prior to the general elections of Ghana. The forum features all political parliamentary aspirants in the constituency on a chosen topic.

Waste to Recreation Project

The project transformed a 1.2 hectare unauthorized waste dump site that is located between Ave Maria and the mine shaft in Prestea (Ghana) into a recreational center for the people of Prestea and other surrounding communities. This was done through a unique partnership with Golden Star BogosoPrestea Limited.


As to the future, Godfred Turkson, CEO of MSA had this to say, “The model is a pilot that we continue to evolve to strengthen its frameworks and the three major pillars:

Flexible payment scheme

Pre-financing fund

Project targeting infrastructure development

The efforts of MSA and their EDUPAY program are obviously worth highlighting, for innovation, remarkable contribution to sustainable development, and the vast potential of the model to support other impoverished regions of the world.

As a result, EDUPAY was nominated for Best Project in the Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition conducted under the UNESCO Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development received by Emmanuel Douglas Turkson on the EDUPAY model .

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Prestea Sanitation Improvement Project: From Waste to Recreation

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Project Title Prestea Sanitation Improvement Project: From Waste to Recreation Project Summary The 360 degree turn around project transfor...


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